Try-Out UN 2007 Bahasa Inggris SMP

Hitamkan A, B, C atau D sebagai jawaban yang benar

Questions number 1-6 are based on this text.

First, you put all your dirty laundry into the washing machine.

Next, put three scoops of detergent in the detergent compartment.

Close the lid of the washing machine.

Then, press the `start’ button. The washing cycle begins automatically.

When it is buzzing it means that your laundry has been washed.

Open the lid. Remove the clothing.

You can now hang your wet clothes out to dry.

Taken from Creative Writing 5

1. What do you think the best title for that text?

A. How to Wash Your Clothes B. Washing Your Own Clothes

C. Operating a Washing Machine D. Do Your Laundry

2. What is the second action you have to take?

A. Hang your wet clothes. B. Press the `start’ button.

C. Open the cover D. Fill the detergent compartment.

3. What do you do to begin the washing cycle?

A. Press the `start’ button. B. Make the machine buzzing.

C. Open the machine lid D. Remove the clothes.

4. Find the word in the text that has the meaning of without human intervention.

A. Cycle B. Scoops

C. Lid D. Automatically

5. Which of these statements is true according to the text?

A. It needs more than one scoop of detergent to wash using a washing machine.

B. Put all your dirty laundry in the basket.

C. When the machine is buzzing, you have to add water into it.

D. Open the lid when you start.

6. What is the type of the text above?

A. Descriptive B. Procedure

C. Narrative D. Recount

7. Helen to find a classic novel yesterday. She also … a public library to get it

A. try visit C. tried visited

B. tried visit D. tries visited

8. I … forget to bring my books with me.

A. must C. have to

B. must not D. don’t have to

Sangiran Archaeological site had been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. It is ..9.. in the Sangiran, north of Surakarta. In this site, a 700,000 years old ..10.. (Homo erectus genus) was found. This fossil is the first early human to be found outside Africa.

9. A. happened B. located C. placed D. found

10. A. man B. human C. fossil D. skeleton

11. Someone made this antique table in 1874.

The passive voice of the sentences above is ….

A. Someone was made this antique table in 1874

B. This antique table is made in 1874

C. This antique table is made by someone in 1874

D. This antique table was made in 1874

12. Anna : I will go to Bali tomorrow.

Fira : Have fun!

What did Anna say to Fira?

A. Anna said that she wouldn’t live in Bali.

B. Anna said that she would go to Bali on the next day.

C. Anna said, she will go to Bali.

D. Anna says she needs to go.

13. I couldn’t do the test well. My sister was crying all night. so I didn’t have a tight sleep.

I can’t do the test well because of….

A. I didn’t study well C. The test was hard

B. My sister D. My sister was crying

14. One day, a stranger came to Aladdin’s house claiming tobe his uncle.

Who is Aladdin’s uncle?

A. His mother’s father. C. His father’s nephew

B. His brother D. His father’s brother

15. My older sister was getting married yesterday. Her husband is my parents’…

A. stepson C. cousin

B. nephew D. son- in- law

Questions number 16-19 are based on this paragraph.

Yesterday, on the early morning, Harry went to school as usual, but he did not come back in the afternoon. His father, Mr. Brown, called his school, but his teacher said he did not go to school at all. Mr. Brown called Harry’s friends and classmates immediately, but they did not see him yesterday. Then Mr. Brown called the police to ask for their help. The police officer asked about Harry’s description and photograph.

Adapted from Creative Writing 5

16. What is the main idea of this paragraph?

A. Harry was absent from school. C. Mr. Brown was curious

B. Harry did not come back from school.. D. The police asked for Harry’s picture.

17. How do you think was Mr. Brown feel at that time?

A. He was surprise.. C. He was confused

B. He was happy. D. He was panic.

18. What does `they’ in the sentence “…but they did not see him yesterday.” (Line 4)

A. Harry’s friends and teachers. C. The police.

B. Harry’s friends and classmates. D. Harry’s teachers.

19. The word immediately has the closest meaning to…

A. later B. now C. today D. soon

20. I don’t know what to tell you, Mrs. Sally. You will have to solve that problem….

A. herself B. myself C. yourself D. yourselves

21 She is clever diligent. She gets a scholarship from Germany.

A. Prefer than C. Not only – but also

B. Very and D. Neither – nor

22. Either I or my brother really likes to play chess. The opposite of that sentence is….

A. Not only me but also my brother really like to play chess

B. Neither I nor my brothers really like to play chess

C. Both I and my brother love to play chess

D. Our hobby is chess.

23. Arrange these jumbled words into a good sentence.

opened – and – a – she – package – beautiful – found the – doll

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

A.4-1-8-5-2-7-3-6-9 C.4-7-3-1-9-8-6-2-5

B.1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 D.4-1-3-6-9-2-7-8-5

Lisa 66




24. Whose mark is the highest?

A. Rani B. Lisa C. Bima D. Tio

25. Tio’s mark is ….

A. better than Rani C. same as Lisa

B. the worst D. better than Lisa.

26. Whose mark is the worst?

A. Rani C. Bima

B. Lisa D. Tio

Question number 27-30 are based on this text.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace was ..27.. by Duke of Buckingham in 1705. Firstly, the Duke wanted to build a country house, but the house was so big that King George 111 ..28.. eager to have it. Buckingham Palace became a royal residence in 1837. The young Queen Victoria lived here alone, but in 1840 he lived there with her husband Prince Albert. Now, the palace is one of attractive tourists’ destinations.

Adapted from 1000 Wonders of the World.

27. A. build B. built C. building D. builded

28. A. is B. being C. was D. did

29. The synonym of attractive is….

A. interesting B. well-known C. crowded D. expensive

30. Why was King George interested in that palace?

A. It had an impressive size. C. It is beautiful

B. It had many rooms D. King George wanted to give it to Queen Victoria.

31. A : Hey, what do you think of my new clothes?

B :….

A. I would like to try it one day C. No, I don’t think so

B. It looks nice on you D. Yes, of course

32. Tiara : Have you heard about Dian’s mother?

Nia : No, I haven’t what’s wrong?

Tiara : She had a heart attack last night.

Nia : ….

Expression showing sympathy is ….

A. I am sorry to hear that, is she alright? C. I see. How do you know

B. Really? Where do you go?? D. Let’s go meet her!

33. Look at the picture, what do you see?

A … chicken soup.

A. glass of C. bowl of

B. cup of D. plate of

Questions number 34-36 are based on this text.

Sea is not only located in the edge, middle or between two continents. There are also seas, which stick out into the land, there are also narrow seas between two islands. Those kinds of sea are called bays and straits. A bay is a sea which stick out into the land, the examples are: Jakarta Bay, Rembang Bay and Siam Bay. A strait is a narrow sea between two islands or two lands, for example: Sunda Strait, Makassar Strait, Bali Strait and Lombok Strait.

34. Jakarta Bay is ….

A. in the edge of Java sea C. in the middle of Jakarta city

B. between Java island and Bali D. the sea that stick out near Jakarta

35. What is the antonym of narrow?

A. Deep B. Shallow C. Wide D. Blue

36. What do you think the picture of strait?

Question number 37-41 are based on this text.

Do you know Sultan Agung? He was one of our national heroes. He was born in Mataram Palace, Yogyakarta on 1591, he was named Pangeran Jatmiko or Raden Mas Rangsang. He was the third king of Mataram Kingdom. He was Panembahan Sedo Ing Krapyak’s son and the grandson of Panembahan Senopati, the founder of Mataram Kingdom. As a Mataram King, he aimed to conquer all areas in Java, but VOC also want Java for themselves. When Sultan Agung had the throne, he was the only king in Mataram that was given the name sultan. It was because people believed; he would bring differences into their life. On 1641, he achieved a royal name Sultan Agung Anyakrakusumo Senopati Ing Alogo Ngabdurrahman, which meant a great king, a divine prince, a commander and a God’s messenger.

37. What number in the map did Sultan Agung come from?

A. I B. 2 C. 3 D. 4

38. How old was Sultan Agung when he achieved the title?

A. 45 B. 55 C. 50 D. 40

39. Sultan Agung’s grandfather is….

A. Panembahan Sedo Ing Krapyak C. Panembahan Senopati

B. Senopati Ing Alogo D. Raden Senopati

40. Which sentence is correct according to the text?

A. Sultan Agung is the founder of Mataram Kingdom C. His people didn’t like him

B. There weren’t any sultan in Mataram before him. D. VOC liked to have cooperation with Sultan


41. Find the closest meaning of goal in the text above.

A. Conquer B. Founder C. Aim D. Achieve

42. Choose the sentence which is grammatically correct.

A. They didn’t agreed with me.

B. Mr. Stephen and Mr. William, drives to 6″‘ highway.

C. Melia were taking a dance lesson.

D. She wasn’t at home the day before.

43. A : Which bag do you like?

B : …..

A. I like the red one to blue one. C. I would like the red bag than the blue bag

B. I prefer the red one to blue one. D. I really like to buy it.

44. I finished all my works, I don’t have anything to do, now. I am very….

A. exciting B. bored C. boring D. confused

45. Combine these sentences.

1. There is a girl

2. I borrowed her pencil.

A. There is the girl and I borrowed her pencil.

B. There a pencil which I borrowed.

C. I borrowed the pencil which from the girl.

D. There is the girl whose pencil I borrowed.

46. Mr. Teddy : Hi Michael, how are you?

Michael : Not really good, I guess.

Mr. Teddy : What’s wrong with you?

Michael : I had a headache.

Mr. Teddy : You had better go to the doctor.

What does Mr. Teddy do to Michael?

A. He gives Michael something C. He gives Michael suggestion

B. He asks Michael something D. He understands Michael.

Questions number 47 to 50 are based on this chart

x 100

47. Which year has the least participants?

A. 2003 B. 2004 C.2005 D.2006

48. The diagram shows that year 2004 is … than in the the women participants in the year 2005.

A. smaller C. smallest

B. largest D. largest

49. Which year has the largest participants?

A. 2002 B. 2003 C. 2004 D. 2005

50. Look at the diagram once again, the number of men participants in the year 2006 is ….

A. More than400 people.

B. Less than 400 people.

C. Not more than 400 people.

D. 400 people.


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